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David Hoberman interview
Listen to “Happier in Hollywood”‘s Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain (also executive producers on our upcoming ABC show “The Fix”) talk to Mandeville’s David Hoberman on their latest podcast about:
  • being a producer
  • how he got his start and his first big break
  • what a producer does
  • what he does as a creative producer
  • how producing is a series of choices and what one of the most important choices is
  • what the most important thing to do as a producer is
  • the #metoo movement
  • what scripts he gravitates towards
  • his favorite film he produced and why
  • how he resolves conflict
  • how he inspired the character of Adrian Monk from his hit TV show “Monk”

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Liz Craft (Twitter, Instagram)
Sarah Fain (Twitter, Instagram)